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Silene integripetala Bory & Chaub.

Nouv. Fl. Pélop. 27. 1838 , 1838
ID: 5 | IPNI
Type: Bory P , lecto

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Reference: Bengt Oxelman (1995). A revision of the Silene sedoides-group. Willdenowia. 25: 143-169
Stems erect. Leaves fleshy, sparsely glandular hairy. Basal leaves (0.5-)1-5(-8) cm long, hairs mostly confined to the margins. Cauline leaves obovate to ovate. Flowers in dichasial cymes. Pedicels upright. Calyx cylindrical in flower, clavate in fruit. Hyaline margin of calyx teeth subentire and often reddish-tinged. Petals not erect when wilting. Anthers lilac Capsule oblong, firm, (6-)7-9(-10) mm long. Seeds greyish black, reniform, 0.6-0.8 mm wide, dorsally grooved with rounded ridges, faces flat; dorsal testa cells smooth or mamillate, lateral testa cells smooth. Flowering time: March to June. Ecology: Occurring in gravelly habitats between ca. 10-1900 m.s.m. Distribution: Endemic to Greece (Fig. 8). Note: As judged from RAPD-data (Oxelman 1995) and reproductive data (autogamy versus xenogamy), the island taxa appears to form a monophyletic group with the Peloponnese subsp.integripetala as sister-group. The superficial similarity between subsp. integripetala and subsp. lidenii did, however, lead me to the decision to rank all four taxa as subspecies of S. integripetala, which then both constitutes a bold hypothesis of monophyly and permits easy identification at the species level.


Superordinate taxon: Silene sect. Sedoideae Oxelman & Greuter (ID: 806)

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