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Agrostemma gracile Boiss.

Diagn. Pl. Orient. ser. 2, 1: 80. 1854 [May-Aug 1854] , 1854
ID: 408 | IPNI
Type: Kotschy K , iso
=Agrostemma thessalum Hayek, Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 30(1): 1081. 1927 , 1927 Basionym: Githago thessala Formánek, in Verh. Naturf. Ver. Brunn, xxxv. 197. , 1897 Type: Formanék 01679/34 BRNM , lectotypified by Greuter, W (1995). Studies in Greek Caryophylloideae: Agrostemma, Silene, and Vaccaria. Willdenowia. 25: 105-142
=Agrostemma brachylobum (Fenzl) K.Hammer, Kulturpflanze 30: 51 (1982):. , 1982 Basionym: Githago brachyloba Fenzl, , Type: ,

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Comment: A diploid close relative to A. githago. Greuter in Fl. Hell.) treated A. thessalum as part of A. githago, and argued that A. gracile is a distinct species, identifiable being an winter annual with a basal leaf rosette at anthesis, subulate calyx teeth and shorter hairs. However, the type specimens lack basal leaf rosette and is only vaguely different from A. thessalum in other respects.

Superordinate taxon: Agrostemma L. (ID: 799)

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