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Silene aprica Turcz. ex Fisch. & C.A.Mey.

Index Seminum [St. Petersburg] 1: 38 (1835). , 1835
ID: 37 | IPNI
== Ussuria aprica (Turcz. ex Fisch. & C.A.Mey.) Tzvelev, Novosti Sist. Vyssh. Rast. 33: 100 (2001). , 2001Type: ,
=Melandrium apricum var. oldhamianum (Miq.) Y.C.Chu, in Fl. Plant. Herb. Chinae bor.-or. 3: 60 (1975). , ==Melandrium oldhamianum Rohrb., Monog. Silene, 233. , 1869==Melandrium apricum Rohrb., Monog. Silene, 231. , 1869==Elisanthe aprica (Turcz.) Peschkova, in Fl. Tsentral'noĭ Sibiri, 1: 328 (1979):. , 1979 Basionym: Silene aprica Turcz., Linnaea 10(Lit.): 102. 1836 , 1836 Type: ,
= Silene melandriiformis Maxim., Primitiae florae amurensis, 54 [Maximovicz], 1859 Type: bei Emmoro an Felsen, 25 Aug. 1855; an der Bureja-Mündung an sandigthonigen Uferabstürzen, 23 Aug. 1856 (frf); am Ussuri bei Agdiki an Waldrändern, 6 Aug. 1855; “inter montes Lun-Zsuan-ssow et Inchan” (hb. Fischer), K , amb
= Silene morii Hayata, Icon. Pl. Formosan. 3: 35. 1913 [25 Dec 1913] , 1913 Type: 1913, ,
= Silene mushaensis Hayata, Icon. Pl. Formosan. 3: 35. 1913 [25 Dec 1913] , 1913 Type: 1913, ,
=Silene aprica subsp. oldhamiana (Miq.) C.Y.Wu ex C.L.Tang, Acta Bot. Yunnan. 16(2): 119 (1994), 1994 Basionym: Silene oldhamiana Miq., Ann. Mus. Bot. Lugduno-Batavi iii. 187. , 1867 Type: Korea, Oldham S , amb
=Melandrium taquetii Nakai, Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 13: 269. 1914 , 1914 Basionym: Silene taquetii H.Lév., Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 10: 350. 1912 , 1912 Type: ,

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Reference: Zhou L., Wu Z.-Y., Lidén, M. & Oxelman, B. (2001). Silene (110 spp.). In Wu Zhengyi & P. H. Raven (eds). Flora of China. 6: 66-100
Silene aprica Turczaninow ex Fischer & C. A. Meyer, Ind. Sem. Hort. Petrop. 38. 1835. ≈Ƭ¶≤ÀNu lou cai Hedona ischnopetala F. N. Williams; Melandrium apri-cum (Turczaninow ex Fischer & C. A. Meyer) Rohrbach; M. apricum subsp. oldhamianum (Miquel) Kitagawa; M. apricum var. oldhamianum (Miquel) Y. C. Chu; M. oldhamianum (Mi-quel) Rohrbach; Silene aprica var. oldhamiana (Miquel) C. Y. Wu; S. melandriformis Maximowicz; S. morii Hayata; S. mu-shaensis Hayata; S. oldhamiana Miquel; S. taquetii H. Léveillé. Herbs annual or biennial, 30–70 cm tall, densely gray pubescent throughout. Principal roots robust, slightly lignified. Stems erect, simple or branched. Basal leaves oblanceolate or narrowly spatulate, 4–7 cm × 4–8 mm, midvein prominent, base attenuate into long petiole, apex acute; cauline leaves oblan-ceolate to lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, smaller than basal leaves. Cymules stalked. Pedicel erect, 5–20(–40) mm; bracts lanceolate, herbaceous, ciliate, apex acuminate. Calyx ovoid-campanulate, 6–8 mm, to 1.2 cm in fruit, nearly herbaceous, densely pubescent; longitudinal veins green, cohering at apex; calyx teeth triangular-lanceolate, margin membranous, ciliate. Androgynophore very short or obsolete, pubescent. Petal claws ciliate below; limbs white or pink, oblanceolate, 1–5 mm, ca. as long as or slightly longer than calyx, bifid; coronal scales lig-ulate. Stamens and styles included; filaments ciliate at base. Styles 3, shortly hairy at base. Capsule ovoid, 8–9 mm, ca. as long as or slightly longer than persistent calyx. Seeds gray-brown, globose-reniform, 0.6–0.7 mm, thickened, minutely tuberculate. Fl. May–Jul, fr. Jun–Aug. Plateaus, downs, mountains. Throughout China [Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Russia]. Silene oldhamiana, described from Ningbo, Zhejiang, has 4–5 mm long pink petal limbs and may deserve status as an independent taxon. Silene morii, from Taiwan, was segregated on subtle differences in calyx teeth morphology.

Comment: Records from Himalaya do not belong to this species, which is closely related to S. firma. Himalayan records belong to the S. indica group.

Superordinate taxon: Silene unranked Asiae mediae (ID: 812)

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