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Silene suaveolens Kar. & Kir.

Bull. Soc. Imp. Naturalistes Moscou xv. (1842) 168. , 1842
ID: 35 | IPNI
== Elisanthe suaveolens (Kar. & Kir.) Devyatov & V.N.Tikhom., Byull. Moskovsk. Obshch. Isp. Prir., Otd. Biol. 97(3): 124 (1992):. , 1992==Melandrium suaveolens (Kar. & Kir.) Schischk., Fl. URSS vi. 711 (1936). , 1936==Carpophora suaveolens (Kar. & Kir.) Tzvelev, Novosti Sist. Vyssh. Rast. 33: 100 (2001). , 2001Type: Kazakhstan, in argillosis Songariae inter rivulum Ai et fontem Sassyk-pastau, Fl. Junio. 4., Karelin and Kirilov 1289 MW , lecto
=Silene viscosa f. multifida Kryl., , ==Melandrium viscosum f. suaveolens Kryl., , Basionym: Carpophora hoffmeisterii Klotzsch, Bot. Ergebn. Reise Waldemar [Klotzsch & Garcke] 139, t. 32. 1862 [Jan 1862] , 1862 Type: ,
=Melandrium griffithii Rohrb., Monog. Silene, 232. , 1869 Basionym: Silene griffihii Boiss., Diagn. Pl. Orient. ser. 2, 1: 76. 1854 [May-Aug 1854] , 1854 Type: ,
= Silene griffithii subsp. kunarensis Melzh., in Fl. Iran., 163: 478 (1988), 1988 Type: ,

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Reference: Zhou L., Wu Z.-Y., Lidén, M. & Oxelman, B. (2001). Silene (110 spp.). In Wu Zhengyi & P. H. Raven (eds). Flora of China. 6: 66-100
Silene suaveolens Turczaninow ex Karelin & Kirilow, Bull. Soc. Imp. Naturalistes Moscou 15: 168. 1842. œ∏¡—”¨◊”≤› xi lie ying zi cao Melandrium griffithii (Boissier) Rohrbach; M. suaveolens (Turczaninow ex Karelin & Kirilow) Schischkin; M. viscosum (Linnaeus) Celakovsky f. suaveolens Krylov; Silene griffithii Boissier; S. viscosa (Linnaeus) Persoon f. multifida Krylov. Herbs biennial, rarely perennial, 30–80 cm tall, densely pubescent and viscid throughout. Stems sparsely caespitose, erect, simple. Basal leaves oblanceolate, base attenuate into long petiole, withered at anthesis; cauline leaves sessile, lanceo-late, 3–8 cm × 3–30 mm, apex acuminate. Flowers in a race-miform thyrse. Pedicel 3–5 mm; bracts lanceolate, small. Calyx tubular-club-shaped, 1.4–2 cm × ca. 3 mm, densely pubescent, viscid, longitudinal veins not prominent; calyx teeth triangular, short, margin membranous, ciliate, apex obtuse. Androgyno-phore 2–3 mm, pubescent. Petals exserted beyond calyx, 1.5–2 cm; claws narrowly cuneate, ciliate, auricles not prominent; limbs white, multilobed, lobes linear; coronal scales absent. Sta-mens prominently exserted, to 2.5 cm; filaments ciliate. Styles exserted. Capsule globose-ovoid, 1–1.2 cm, shorter than per-sistent calyx. Seeds reniform, ca. 1 mm. Fl. Jun–Jul, fr. Jul–Aug. Xinjiang [Afghanistan, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajiki-stan]. This species is very closely related to Silene quadriloba, differing mainly in the multilobed petals.


Superordinate taxon: Silene sect. Viscosae (Boiss.) C.L.Tang (ID: 952)

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