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Lychnis cognata Maxim.

Prim. Fl. Amur. 55. , 1859
ID: 240 | IPNI
== Lychnis fulgens var. cognata (Maxim.) Regel, , ==Silene cognata (Maxim.) H.Ohashi & H.Nakai, J. Jap. Bot. 71(5): 269 (1996):. , 1996Type: Tatarinow 1851 LE , amb

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Reference: Zhou, L., Wu, Z. -Y., Lidén, M. & Oxelman, B. Lychnis (6 spp.). In Wu, Z.-Y. & Raven, P. H. (eds) Flora of China 6: 100-102. Missouri Botanical Garden. ISBN 1-930723-05-9.
Lychnis cognata Maximowicz, Prim. Fl. Amur. 55. 1859. «≥¡—ºÙ«Ô¬fi qian lie jian qiu luo Lychnis fulgens Fischer var. cognata (Maximowicz) Regel; Silene cognata (Maximowicz) H. Ohashi & H. Nakai. Herbs perennial, 30–90 cm tall, pilose with intermixed sparse multicellular eglandular hairs. Roots caespitose, fusiform, slightly fleshy. Stems simple or branched above. Leaves ovate-lanceolate or oblong, 5–11 × 1–4 cm, more densely pilose at veins, base broadly cuneate, apex acute. Dichasium several flowered, sometimes densely so. Pedicel 3–12 mm. Flowers 3.5–5 cm in diam. Calyx narrowly campanulate, 2–3 cm × 3.5–5 mm, pilose at veins, slightly inflated in fruit; teeth triangular, ca. 3 mm. Petal limbs orange-red or reddish, bifid, apically obtuse, each with a subulate lateral tooth, main lobes obovate, margin entire or obscurely denticulate; claw slightly protruding from calyx, glabrous, base narrowly cuneate; coronal scales dark red, apex dentate. Stamens and styles slightly exserted. Androgynophore ca. 5 mm. Capsule narrowly ellipsoid-ovoid, ca. 1.5 cm. Fl. Jun–Jul, fr. Jul–Aug. 2n = 24. Mountain slopes, gullies, forests, scrub, grasslands; 500–2000 m. Hebei, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Nei Mongol, Shandong, Shanxi [Korea, Russia (Far East)].


Superordinate taxon: Lychnis sect. Lychnis (ID: 963)

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