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Silene batangensis H.Limpr.

Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 12: 363. 1922 , 1922
ID: 234 | IPNI
== Melandrium batangense (W. Limpricht) Pax & K.Hoffm., , Type: Limpricht 2232 "Ost-Tibet: Batang, felsige Lehnen bei Mba ju tschi, am Wege nach Litang, 3400 m", ,

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Reference: Zhou L., Wu Z.-Y., Lidén, M. & Oxelman, B. (2001). Silene (110 spp.). In Wu Zhengyi & P. H. Raven (eds). Flora of China. 6: 66-100
Silene batangensis Limpricht, Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 12: 363. 1922. ∞Õᔨ◊”≤› ba tang ying zi cao Melandrium batangense (Limpricht) Pax & K. Hoffmann. Herbs perennial. Roots clustered, spiniform. Stems supine or ascending, 20–35 cm, multibranched, 25–35 cm, densely shortly glandular hairy, apically viscid. Leaves lanceolate-linear, 2–3 cm × 1.5 × 3.5(–5) mm, both surfaces pubescent, margin ciliate, midvein prominent, base cuneate, apex obtuse or acute. Dichasial cymes 3–7-flowered, densely glandular hairy; flowers erect, 1.6–2 cm in diam. Pedicel 1–1.8 cm, slender, glandular hairy; bracts lanceolate, herbaceous. Calyx tubular-clavate, 1.2–1.5 cm, densely pubescent, viscid, longitudinal veins violet; calyx teeth triangular-lanceolate, villous, margin membranous, apex obtuse. Androgynophore 2–3 mm, glabrous. Petals included in calyx, pale red; claws oblanceolate, glabrous, auricles inconspicuous; limbs obovate, 5–6 mm, shallowly bifid; coronal scales rotund. Stamens slightly exserted; filaments glabrous. Styles slightly exserted. Capsule ovoid, 6–8 mm, shorter than persistent calyx. Seeds reniform; raphe smooth. Fl. Jul–Aug, fr. Aug–Oct. • Forest margins, brushy beach grasslands; 2500–3500 m. W Sichuan, E Xizang. The type has not been seen by the present authors.


Superordinate taxon: Silene sect. Cucubaloideae Edgeworth & J.D. Hooker (ID: 818)

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